leading manufacturer of calcium sulfate in Iran

The highest quality calcium sulfate (gypsum) powder in Iran for both food-grade and plaster applications.

Excellence in Purity

Whiteness Superiority

Hand-crafted Quality

Our Motto

“Quality and customer satisfaction” is always our first and foremost objective.


Throughout our 40-year history, we have always favored quality over quantity. In order to reach our current capacity of 350 Tons per day, we have taken careful and deliberate measures to maintain the highest quality of products while gradually ramping our manual production capacity to the current levels.

The Best Rock Gypsum

Our success stems from our commitment in using the best-in-class gypsum stones in Iran.

Manual Process

Our products are literally hand-crafted to ensure consistency and brilliance in quality. Smallest of impurities are manually hand-picked and discarded throughout the production process.

Excellence in Purity

Our product is made of high purity white gypsum. Excellent properties of our calcium sulfate such as extremely low levels of impurities and water of crystallization makes it a perfect candidate for food-grade and pharmaceutical applications.

Superiority in Whiteness

The level of whiteness our gypsum powder has to offer is unrivaled in Iran, making it the most popular product as a plaster material nationwide. When a white color is desired in construction projects, our product simply eliminates the need for wall painting.


Our product has outreached far beyond the borders of Iran into other Middle Eastern Countries, as well as Central Asia, and East Asia.